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MG Chemicals 4200UV – UV Curable Conformal Coating

Experience the rapid and robust circuit protection offered by MG Chemicals 4200UV – a UV curable conformal coating with a difference. This one-part, UL 746E and IPC CC 830 certified coating is designed especially for large volume projects where speed and efficiency matter. Its unique low viscosity formula is perfect for automated dispensing equipment, ensuring smoother application and superior finish. What sets the 4200UV apart is its secondary moisture cure mechanism, allowing for complete curing in shadowed areas, making every inch of your circuitry safe from humidity, corrosion, and high voltage arcing. See the difference, feel the protection – choose MG Chemicals 4200UV for your conformal coating needs. Act now to enhance the longevity and performance of your industrial equipment.

MG Chemicals 4200UV – UV Curable Conformal Coating

Description of MG Chemicals 4200UV – UV Curable Conformal Coating

The MG Chemicals 4200UV is a one-part UV curable conformal coating, meticulously formulated to cure rapidly upon exposure to UV light. Developed under the strictest quality standards, this product has achieved UL 746E and IPC CC 830 certification, offering customers the confidence of a highly reliable and effective coating solution.

The 4200UV is distinguished by its low viscosity, making it highly compatible with automated dispensing equipment. Moreover, it possesses a high level of fluorescence that is retained even after curing, aiding the inspection process. Its curing results in a smooth, glass-like finish that not only enhances aesthetics but also offers superior protective qualities.

A unique feature of the 4200UV is its secondary moisture cure mechanism. This allows the coating to cure even in shadowed areas that do not receive direct UV light exposure, ensuring a comprehensive and uniform coating for all components.

Properties of MG Chemicals 4200UV

The MG Chemicals 4200UV showcases several notable properties, including:

  • UV Curable: Rapid cure upon exposure to UV light for faster project completion.
  • Low Viscosity: Ideal for use with automated dispensing equipment, ensuring a smooth and consistent application.
  • High Fluorescence: Retains high fluorescence even after curing, aiding visibility during inspection.
  • Secondary Moisture Cure: Enables curing in shadowed areas for comprehensive protection.
  • UL 746E and IPC CC 830 Certified: Meets stringent industry standards, ensuring reliability and effectiveness.

Applications of MG Chemicals 4200UV

The MG Chemicals 4200UV, with its superior properties and industry certifications, is suitable for a wide range of applications. Its use can significantly enhance the lifespan and performance of electronic and electrical components by providing a robust barrier against various damaging elements.

The 4200UV is particularly useful in large-volume projects where both quick turnaround and high throughput are required, thanks to its rapid UV curing and compatibility with automated dispensing systems.

Its protective qualities make it an excellent choice for preventing damage from humidity, corrosion, fungus, dust, thermal shock, and high-voltage arcing. Therefore, the 4200UV is a preferred choice for industries where such factors are a common concern, including automotive, aerospace, marine, and electronics manufacturing among others.

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