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MG Chemicals 839 – Revestimento Grafite Super Shield (MTO)

Discover an economical and effective solution for conductive and anti-static surfaces with our MG Chemicals 839 – Super Shield Conductive Graphite Coating (MTO). This graphite-filled acrylic coating, resistant to abrasion, oxidation and extreme thermal cycling, provides long-lasting protection against low-frequency EMI/RFI. Distinguished by its high conductivity, resistance to wear and corrosion, MG Chemicals 839 can be applied to common plastic and drywall surfaces. Improve the efficiency and performance of your systems with a general purpose conductive coating that is salt splash tested and has excellent weather resistance. Contact us for more information and discover how MG Chemicals 839 can improve your industrial operations.

MG Chemicals 839 – Revestimento Grafite Super Shield (MTO)

Product Description

MG Chemicals 839 – Super Shield Conductive Graphite Coating (MTO) is a high quality acrylic paint designed to create static-free, conductive surfaces. This anti-static material is capable of reducing electromagnetic interference and low-frequency radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI). Its formula, with a graphite filler, cures to a smooth and durable finish, resistant to abrasion, oxidation and extreme thermal cycles.

Product Properties

MG Chemicals 839 is distinguished by several characteristic properties:

  • High Conductivity: It has low surface resistance, which means it is highly conductive.
  • Durable Coating: Its formulation ensures a resistant and long-lasting coating, tested against salt spray and with excellent weather resistance.
  • Repairable and Removable: If necessary, the coating can be repaired or removed easily.
  • Strong Adhesion: Has stronger adhesion than water-based coatings.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Helps to delay or prevent oxidation of the substrate, functioning as a protective barrier.
  • Wear Resistant: Once applied, the coating is wear resistant, meaning it does not rub or peel off easily.

Product Applications

This conductive graphite coating is a versatile choice for a variety of applications:

  • It is suitable for outdoor use due to its resistance to abrasion, oxidation and extreme thermal cycles.
  • It is a general-purpose conductor that offers a low-cost EMI/RFI shielding solution.
  • It can be used to impart conductivity to common plastic and plasterboard surfaces, making it suitable for shielding entire rooms against low frequencies.

In addition to this product, we also offer a more effective silver and copper coated version, a water-based version for use on wood or drywall, and an epoxy-based alternative for use on metal or glass. Before applying this product to plastic, clean the surface with IPA.

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